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Episode 1

Kyal and Kara are back again with another big project! Edstein have worked closely with Kyle and Kara to develop The Becken, a the lush new porcelain basins designed for their Bay Builds series.

Find out more about the Beckon by clicking the link below.

Episode 2

Kyal and Kara turn their attention to the main bathrooms of each home, noting that bathrooms are among their favourite rooms to design. This episode takes a in depth look at our Beckon basins!

Find out more about the Beckon by clicking the link below.

Episode 3

At the design phase of Bay Builds, Kyal and Kara knew they wanted to incorporate helical staircases into each home. These staircases had been a standout feature and talking point of their Blue Lagoon project, and the space lent itself to a similar design. Having installed the Enzie helical staircase before, Kyal felt confident in the process. However, there were some minor setbacks he had to work through, resulting in some laughable moments on site.

Episode 4

In the design phase of the build, Kyal and Kara planned for an epic stone feature wall that draws the eye from the front of the property through the front door of each home and all the way up to the entry voids. They knew this would involve installing between 2,000-3,000 individual pieces of stone. Some pieces of the stone are so textured that they resemble pieces of coral, adding a fitting touch to their coastal style.

Episode 5

For Kyal and Kara, the most exciting spaces of any new build or renovation are the kitchen, living, and dining areas. Edstein were once again called on to cut and install the beautiful natural stone tops for the two kitchens which turned out beautifully.

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Episode 6

The ultimate Aussie backyard truly serves as an extension of the indoor living space, which was precisely what Kyle and Kara aimed to achieve for their two backyards. Early on, they engaged the design expertise of Matt Leacy and his team from Landart, tasking them with creating two amazing backyards. The Landart team undoubtedly nailed the brief.

Episode 7

In any build or renovation they complete, Kyle and Kara invest a significant amount of time and effort into ensuring the front facade has a wow factor. Their goal is for people to stand at the front of the home and feel a strong desire to take a peek inside. Over the years, they have driven past beautiful homes and thought the same thing: “We’d love a tour of that house.”

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