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The Becken basin we designed and built for Kyal & Kara’s Bay Builds web-series is now available to buy right here.

Get The Becken basin now

Check out the options below or download the specifications and info sheet. Call 1800 621 599 to order yours now.

Call 1800 621 599 and our consultants will help in bringing your project to life.

Make the inspo a reality

Introducing The Becken, the lush new porcelain basins we’ve designed with Kyal & Kara for their Bay Builds series.

The Becken basins are now available for you to own, in a choice of four sizes — 900, 1200, 1500 and 1800 mm wide — along with a choice of four fantastic Dekton colours — Grigio, Khalo, Marmorio and Sabbia.

Make the inspo a reality

We’ve used Dekton porcelain as our preferred material for The Becken basins. We love it because Dekton has all the advantages of hard wearing porcelain as well as being available in four great colours to complement your new bathroom or powder room.

The benefits of Dekton

—Reduced water absorption — Near-zero porosity results in high resistance to water and moisture.
—Stain resistance — Its low porosity makes it highly stain resistant.
—High scratch and impact resistance — The surface will stand up to daily use without scratching or chipping from impacts.

The Colours

Dekton Grigio

Dekton Marmorio

Dekton Khalo

Dekton Sabbia

The Models

Beckon 900

Beckon 1200

Beckon 1500

Beckon 1800

Call 1800 621 599 and our consultants will help in bringing your project to life.

Watch the series

If you have not seen the series, you can watch it below. We will upload new episodes as they are released. There is a sneak peak of The Becken being installed in episode 1. For a more detailed look at the two versions we made for the project watch episode 2.

Episode 1

Episode 2