Double full monument

Once a decision is made for the requirement of a double monument, the next step is to select the required colour and design. Often a double monument is installed for one partner with the other half of the monument completed once the second partner passes. When the second inscription is required the headstone can be returned to Edstein Creative Stone for the additional detail to be added, and then reset to complete the memorial.

All Edstein monuments conform with, and are installed according to, the Australian Standards specified in “AS4204-1994 Headstone and Cemetery Monuments”. All exposed surfaces on the monuments are polished, unless a specified finish, such as rocked edge, is requested.

Double monuments can be made in a range of configurations. These designs can be completely customised to suit your needs including: colour, headstone shape and size, finish and accessories.

Double full monuments have the following grave cover options.

Granite chips
Granite chips
with divider
Tile cover
Ledgers with raised pathway
Ledgers with pathway
Butted ledgers
Crypt with
Ledgers, portico and lowered pathway

Available colours

Balmoral Red
Bianco Canton
Blue Pearl
Emerald Pearl
Galaxy Black
Indian Black
Mountain White
Northern Black
Olive Green
Padang Dark
Vizag Blue
Yellow Rock