Restoration + repair

Our team of highly qualified Stone Masons have extensive experience in restoration and repair of existing monuments. A useful website for viewing existing monuments from a number of cemeteries in Australia is the Australian Cemeteries Index. The purpose of this index is to provide a searchable data base for all cemetery inscriptions that have been recorded by the authors and contributors over several years. It is useful to review this site if you are contemplating restoring a family monument.

As can be seen from the before and after images below, memorials that appear to be beyond repair can be returned to their former beauty and provide that vital link in family history for generations to come. Restoration work should only be undertaken by a reputable licensed monumental mason. Edstein Creative Stone is licensed and bound by the Australian Standards Association’s Standard for Monuments and Headstones – AS4204-1994.

The most significant aspect of the Standard is the criteria it sets for monument foundations. In the past the focus has often been on aesthetics at the expense of sound construction. You may have noticed older monuments leaning at precarious angles which shows the direct consequence of poorly designed monument foundations. As the grave subsides the footing and monuments shift and move. Most monuments will require piers to be placed underneath for support.

Below are restoration and repairs we have completed that show what we can do to revitalise weathered and broken memorials.