Single full monument

A full single monument is an alternative to the smaller lawn style headstone and base. Cemeteries with a longer history allow this style of monument, your sales consultant can advise if this style is permitted in your chosen cemetery.

When choosing a full monument consideration needs to be given to the possibility of the requirement for a double monument in the future. Due to the construction methods a double monument is more cost effective than two single monuments.

All monuments conform with, and are installed according to, the Australian Standards specified in “AS4204-2019 Headstone and Cemetery Monuments”. All exposed surfaces on the monuments are polished, unless a specified finish, such as rocked edge, is requested.

Single monuments have the following grave cover options.

Granite chips
Tile cover
Ledger with portico

Available colours

Balmoral Red
Bianco Canton
Blue Pearl
Emerald Pearl
Galaxy Black
Indian Black
Mountain White
Northern Black
Olive Green
Padang Dark
Vizag Blue
Yellow Rock