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Typically it takes 8-12 days from the date of check measure to the date of installation but our team will stay in constant contact with you to ensure you are always kept up to date with our progress.

No not only will there be no cutting done in your home but our team will complete a thorough clean up of your home prior to finalising the installation to ensure your home in left is pristine condition. 

In its solid form – such as in installed engineered stone benchtops – silica is considered by experts to be perfectly safe. There is no risk to those choosing to have an engineered benchtop or surface in their home. Silica is only dangerous when released as dust through the fabrication of the stone – cutting, drilling, grinding, or polishing which can be suppressed by wet cutting practices. Source: Safe Work Australia

No Edstein do not sell directly to the public however, our experienced Kitchen partners are best suited to helping you realise your kitchen dreams, you can find your nearest kitchen partners here.

Yes, all Edstein benchtops come with a 7 year warranty. In addition to our warranty various benchtop materials have additional warranties which can be found here or download our Warranty & Disclaimer pack for more information on your coverage.

Yes, appointments can be made for stone viewings at our Factory in Taree or in some cases stone suppliers may be able to facilitate a viewing in their own warehouse. Ask your Kitchen company to organise a viewing for you through Edsteins.

Engineered quartz
Caesarstone, Silestone, Smartstone, Quantum Quartz, Stone Ambassador

Ultra compact surfaces (UCS) / porcelain
Dekton, Caesarstone Porcelain, Vasari, Quantum 6+

Natural stone
Natural stone is sourced from a variety of sources however an extensive range of CDK stones are available as well as the sensa range from Cosentino.

Bookmatching is when two or more slabs of stone are “opened up” and polished on the surfaces facing each other, so that they mirror each other, like an opened book creating virtually identical and symmetrical patterns.

No only natural stone needs to be sealed regularly, all other materials do not require sealing. For our care and maintenance information click here.

From Gosford to Coffs Harbour and as far west as Scone.

No unfortunately we can only supply to our approved kitchen installer customer base, you can find your nearest kitchen partners here.

Whilst all care is taken to match glue colours and minimize join size a small join line will always be visible in your polished benchtop surface.

Yes many small chips can be repaired to an almost imperceptible finish. For information on our repair services click here.

Follow this link to learn how to care for your benchtop material.

300mm is typically the maximum unsupported distance that your benchtop can overhang your cabinets. For other information on dimensions and restrictions on stone usage please download our Stone Guide here.

UCS, Porcelain and Natural stone products are safe to use outside however engineered stone (Quartz) there is only a very limited range of Caesarstone colours called the Outdoor range which is designed to withstand extreme weather and UV exposure. See the full Caesarstone range here.

No, our company does not supply kitchen benchtops in polished or gloss UCS materials.

We have chosen not to offer polished or gloss UCS materials for kitchen benchtops due to issues with scratching and damage being highly visible.

Polished or gloss UCS materials are more prone to scratching and damage compared to other materials. When used as kitchen benchtops, these imperfections can be highly visible, negatively impacting the overall appearance of the countertop.

While we do not recommend using polished or gloss UCS materials for kitchen benchtops, they can still be suitable for vertical applications. These materials can be utilized for backsplashes, wall claddings, or other vertical surfaces where scratching and damage are less likely to occur and visibility is not a major concern.

Polished or gloss UCS materials can provide a sleek and contemporary look when utilized in vertical applications. Their smooth surfaces and reflective properties can enhance the aesthetic appeal of the space, creating a visually pleasing atmosphere.

Absolutely! We offer a diverse selection of kitchen benchtop materials that are highly resistant to scratching and damage. These options include quartz, granite and engineered stone. Our knowledgeable team can assist you in selecting the ideal material that aligns with your specific requirements and preferences.

Yes, we provide warranties for the kitchen benchtops we supply. The warranty details may vary depending on the chosen material, but we are committed to offering our customers peace of mind and ensuring their satisfaction with our products. You can find all our warranty information here.